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Региональный кластер - система взаимосвязанных технологической и территориальной общностью предприятий, организаций, инфраструктурных объектов, финансовых институтов, научно-исследовательских, внедренческих и инвестиционных фирм, обеспечивающая оптимальное функционирование всех структурных элементов на основе инновационных продуктов и технологий.

(выдержка из "Концепции развития промышленного комплекса Санкт-Петербурга на период до 2020 года")

Biography - S.I. Tsybukov

Date of Birth:    22.12.1963

1988 - Graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (where he had also organised and supervised the Student Theatre) and also organised the first student work-placement group (1986-88) to the “RAF” plant (Riga Auto Factory) in Latvia in support of the first democratically elected Soviet plant director, Viktor Bossert.

1988-1989 - Representative of “RAF” in Leningrad.

1989-1992 - Started up and ran small businesses.

1992-1999 - Became director of the “Uliss” consultancy firm, gathering together a group of leading Petersburg economists, psychologists and lawyers for business development activities. In this period of economic transition, partners of the consultancy included some of St. Petersburg’s largest firms including the “Arsenal” manufacturing plant, the “Gostinniy Dvor” shopping centre and the “Astoria” and “Pribaltiskaya” hotels.

During this period, took part in several Russian and International Programs, the main one’s being:

1994 - Training course on the “Russian-American Program on Conflicts and Negotiations” in the USA.

1995 - Participation in the creation of the “St. Petersburg Centre of Conflict Resolution and Negotiation”, the first of its kind in Russia.

1996  - Carried out a careful study on the “CIP” program, focusing on the relationship between SMEs and large-scale business with the Government in the USA.

1997 - Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute Inc. (CRI). Took a specialised international training course - “The theory and practice of the resolution of conflicts” – and acquired professional skills as a mediator of interpersonal and public conflicts.

1998 – Was invited to become Chairman of the Board of the Joint Stock Company on Plastic Processing named after "Komsomolskaya Pravda” which was then close to bankruptcy.

1999-present - General Director of JSC on Plastic Processing named after "Komsomolskaya Pravda”. In this role, successfully led the enterprise through the Government of St. Petersburg “Restructuring Industrial Enterprises” program.

July 2001- studied in the Centre of Polymers in the city of Wurzburg in Germany. Within the framework of the German government’s “Transform” program, became one of the founders of the “Russian-German Institute of Polymers”, whose primary goal was to render assistance to the Russian plants in creation of advanced technologies using polymers.

September 2001- on the 15th, the “Russian-German Institute of Polymers” was jointly opened by Governor of St. Petersburg Yakovlev and German Consul Schoning.

May 2002- during the 70th Anniversary celebrations of the naming of the plant after “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, an agreement was signed on creation of the “Business Polymer Park” (at 37 Vyborgskaya Embankment) between the Administration of St. Petersburg (co-signer Vice-Governor Valery Nazarov), the “Becar” Agency of Developing Areas and JSC on Plastic Processing named after "Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

February 2001/December 2002- as a member of the St. Petersburg delegation, visited India and took part in the organisation of the United Coordination Committee on the scientific, technical and educational cooperation between St. Petersburg and India. Subsequently visited India many times on business, scientific and educational missions.

2003- Organised a major project for JSC on Plastic Processing named after "Komsomolskaya Pravda” to supply “Merloni”, one of the first foreign multinationals to begin operations in the St. Petersburg region. Was awarded an honorary medal on the Tricentenary of St. Petersburg.

2004- Visited Turkmenistan, the Kirghiz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan along with the Governor of St. Petersburg, V.I. Matvienko. Subsequently accompanied the Governor on official and business delegations to several countries over the next four years, including Iran, Azerbaijan, North Korea, Vietnam, Israel and Germany. At the IX Solemn Award Ceremony of the “Russian National Olympus”, JSC on Plastic Processing named after "Komsomolskaya Pravda” received the premium award in the “Outstanding Enterprise among Small and Medium Businesses” category. S.I. Tsybukov was also given a special award for his own personal contribution. In May, invited to attend and give a presentation at the “Europe in the 21st Century: Crossroad of Civilisations” conference in Prague and similarly in October, the Global Public Forum on the “Dialogue of Civilisations”, both of which were organised by the “Centre of the National Glory of Russia”. Partook in several such events over the next four years.

2005- In March, made the first of several visits as a delegate of the Administration of St. Petersburg to a military aviation base in the city of Khant in the Kirghiz Republic, delivering IT/sports equipment and furniture to the civilian employees and their families at the base. In April, was elected Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2006- Participated in organising the reception of a Government grant for the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” plant in conjunction with St. Petersburg State University and the Russian-German Institute of Polymers to develop innovative technology to process Super High Molecular Polythene (SHMP). During President Putin’s official visit to China at the beginning of the summer, made a presentation at the economic summit in Beijing. At the request of the Governor of St. Petersburg, was appointed to the Advisory Council on “Special High-Tech Economic Zones” in St. Petersburg by Russian Minister for Economic Development and Trade. Was continually involved over the preceding three years in “The Famous Names of Russia” program, a project of the “Centre of the National Glory of Russia”, for which he visited several regions of the country.

2007- Within the frameworks of the President Putin’s official visit to India, organised a conference in New Delhi attended by the Indian Minister of Industry on “Innovations in Transport and Energy”, in which he reported on technological innovations in the Transport Industry. In the summer, served on Governor Matvienko’s Public Advisory Council. In October, led “The Public Movement for the Support of Putin” in St. Petersburg. In November, as General Director of S.I.A./K.P. (Science and Industrial Association / “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Plastic Processing JSC) together with “RZD” (the Russian Railways), opened the “Engineering Polymer Center”, attended by Governor Matvienko and RZD President Yakunin.

2008- In January, was a member of Dmitri Medvedev’s campaign staff, after which he received the personal congratulations of the Governor in appreciation for his activities. In April, participated in Vice-Governor Oseevsky’s “Advisory Council on Innovation”. In May, took part in the St. Petersburg-Byelorussia Business Cooperation Forum, in which was signed an agreement between “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Plastic Processing and the Belorussian Academy of Science. In July, within the frameworks of the Governor Matvienko’s official visit to Bavaria, initiated the signing of a Russian-German agreement for the foundation of an International Innovative Technology Centre and led a round-table discussion during the Russian-German Economic Forum. Received awards for his business and humanitarian activities from the Government, Religious and Scientific organisations. He is also a member of the “Union of St. George”.

August 2008 – 2009 - visited the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Finland, and has acted with the report «Creation of the innovation clusters network» at conferences and round-table discussions, as a member of St. Petersburg official delegations.

November 2008 - Chairman of the St. Petersburg regional department of the All-Russian political  party "Pravoye Delo".

June 2009 – Participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

July 2009 – Participated in the Ninth Russian-German forum «St. Petersburg Dialogue» in Munich in the economic section and sections "science", "formation", "medicine", concerning innovative clusters in the sphere of power saving up technologies. Also has visited the Center «SKZ–GmbH» in a Würzburg and Technical University of Munich.

September 2009 – Was invited to the Center of National Glory ceremonial action of memory of the outstanding Russian statesman, a general admiral, count Fedor Apraksin.

March –April 2010 – During the official visit the Governor of St. Petersburg V.I. Matvienko to the South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina) led the business delegation.

April 2010 – Led the business delegation within the frameworks of St-Petersburg Days in Kharkov (Ukraine).

June 2010 – Participated in the International Forum “Effective Cooperation in Europe” in Brussels (Belgium). Took an active part in the St. Petersburg International Economical Forum. Was awarded with the medal “The Center of National Glory of Russia” for participation in founding of a monument in memory of Fedor Apraksyn in Vyborg.

September 2010 – Represented the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Round Table on Effective Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region in Turku (Finland). Organized and took an active part in the Russian Innovation Week in St. Petersburg, Russia.

January 2011 - Recieved the Award of the Trade Unions.

Febrary 2011 – Took part in federal congress of the CCI RF in Moscow.

March 2011 – Led the delegation of the Polymer Cluster to the Innovation Week – 2011 in Enschede, the Netherlands.

March 2011 – Participated at the opening of the Centre of Prototyping  together with the Govenor of St. Petersburg V.I. Matvienko

May 2011 - Participated in the VI Congress of the Chemists Union

September 2011 - Was elected a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Vyborg district of the city of St. Petersburg.

September 2011- participated in an international congress “Culture as a modernization resource” and was awarded with a Medal for contribution into realization of a charity programme within the Center of national glory of Russia for support of memorial dedicated to Nikolay Mikhailovich Karamzin in Ulyanovsk.

October 2011- a presenter during round tables and seminars within the forum “Russian industrialist- 2011”

March 2012 – celebration of 80-year anniversary of the plastic processing plant named after “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and 130- year anniversary of the production area.

March 2012. Participated in a solemn meeting “Golden pen- 2011”

April 2012- participated in a visit of a Saint-Petersburg delegation lead by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg G.S.Poltavchenko to Helsinki (Finland).

May 2012- As a participant of a Saint-Petersburg delegation lead by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg G.S.Poltavchenko visited Minsk and made a report at the fifth meeting of the Soviet of business cooperation in Saint-Petersburg and Belarus.

May 2012- participated in a visit made by a delegation from Saint-Petersburg lead by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg G.S.Poltavchenko to Federal land Bavaria (Germany).

September 2012- a presenter at round tables and seminars, during the XVI International forum “The Russian Industrialist”.

October 2012- participated in a solemn award ceremony of winners of grant “The Boss of 2012”; became a winner in nomination “Boss- innovator (production)”

October 2012- participated in a trip made by an official delegation of Saint-Petersburg lead by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg G.S.Poltavchenko to Kirgizia and made a report during the Intergovernmental Saint-Petersburg-Kirgiz commission on trade and economical, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation.

October 2012. participated in a seminar dedicated to 25-th anniversary of a Pan-European institute in Turku.

October 2012 Rewarded by a diploma for a victory in a competition for a grant given by the Government of Saint-Petersburg for the best innovation project implemented within the cluster in nomination: “The Urban Household”

December 2012 - participated in the events in memory of St. Euphrosyne of Moscow and was awarded a medal by the Centre of National Glory for his part in the implementation of the Charitable program in memory of the Great Princess Eudocia Dmitrievna (St. Euphrosyne of Moscow)

2010 - 2012 - was fully engaged in implementation of projects under the international program "Turku Process".

October 2013 – Rewarded with a diploma and medal for 60 years of twin-city relations between Turku and Saint Petersburg.


October 2013 - visited the air-base "Kant" on the occasion of its decade.


December 2013 – celebrated his jubilee. Has received written congratulations from the Center of National Glory of Russia council chief chairman, the JSC RZD President V.I. Yakunin, the governor of Saint Petersburg G.S. Poltavchenko, heads of Saint Petersburg non-governmental organizations, partners and colleagues.


April 2014 - took part in forum "The points of growth North West", also participated in 2nd international forum on a subject "The Euroasian economic perspective".


May 2014 - participated  in panel session "The Russian Far East: the new center of attraction", passed within the XVIII St.Petersburg international economic forum, and also presented the report "A role of St. Petersburg in the megaproject “Trans-Eurasians zone of development” - the existing potential for integration and new points of internal growth".


June-September 2014 – took part in many pre-election events as an authorized delegate of a candidate for Governor of Saint-Petersburg, Poltavchenko G. S.


September 2014 – visited Belgrade within the International scientific conference "The Great War and the beginning of a new world: a relevant notice for humanity".


November 2014 – as a part of the delegation of Saint-Petersburg, headed by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko, Tsybukov S. I. visited Minsk and performed at the Seventh meeting of the Business cooperation council of Saint-Petersburg and the Republic of Belarus.


December 2014 – rewarded with an honorary certificate for encouragement in realization a Charity program “The Great War in historical memory of generations”, dedicated to 100th Anniversary of the beginning of The First World War.


April 2015 – participated in the III International Forum “Eurasian economic outlook” and in the meeting with the Chairman of the Council of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich, during which Sergey Tcybukov informed about the realization of Russian-Belorussian innovative projects…Read more 

September 2015 - participated in the work of the Second forum of Russian and Belorussian regions and presented a speech about realization of innovative projects within the work of the Business Cooperation Council of Belarus and St. Petersburg and programs of the Union State, which took place at Soshi, Russia...Read more.

 December  2015 - took part in celebration meeting in the memory of Miloradovich S.I. (an outstanding Russian statesman and captain, the General Governor of Saint Petersburg, the Chevalier of the Order of St. Andrew, earl Michael Andreevich Miloradovich (1771-1825). S.I. Tsybukov was awarded by the certificate of honor.

January 2016 - gave a report on the subject The development of the Russian - Belarus cooperation in producing modern polymer processing equipment” then was visited by the delegation headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Kobjakow A.V., the State Secretary of the Union State of Belarus and Russia Rapota G.A., the Vice-governor of Saint Petersburg Movchan S.N. etc.


March 2016 - took part in VII Congress of Commerce and Industry Chamber of the Russian Federation. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin also participated in such event.


April 2016 - took part in the regular Congress of the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Russia in Moscow.

May 2016 - took part in IV International forum “Eurasian economic outlook”, gave a report on the subject “Realization of the international innovative projects between the business cooperation Union of the Republic of Belarus and Saint-Petersburg and the Union state programs.” The moderator of the plenary session was Chairman of the State Duma  S.E. Naryshkin.

June 2016 - took part in the opening ceremony and the activities of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

 August 2016 - became a trustee and a member of the Saint-Petersburg Election Headquarters  of the «UNITED  RUSSIA»  Party.

September 2016 - Acted as a co-organizer of the scientific-practical conference "St. Petersburg - a global city. The participation of high-tech enterprises of St. Petersburg in the development of Eurasian and Russian-Belarusian cooperation ", as well as the opening of the production site of scientific and industrial laboratory of optoelectronics and precision castings.

February 2017 - was elected a member of the Council for professional qualifications in the nanotechnology industry.

March 2017 - organized a regular round table "Saint Petersburg - global city. Participation of high-tech enterprises of Saint Petersburg in the development of the Eurasian space, Russian-Belarusian cooperation and international projects". The event was held within the framework of the Saint Petersburg international labour Forum.

May 2017 - co-organized and co-hosted the round table “Cooperating with russian partners-building on the past, looking to the future” within the Days of Saint Petersburg in Turku.

June 2017 - took part in the meeting of the Agency for strategic initiatives expert group on assessment of target models of business procedures simplification and increase of investment attractiveness of Saint Petersburg. The event was held at the site of the Saint Petersburg international economic forum.

June 2017 - took part in the Fourth forum of regions of Russia and Belarus, which was held in Moscow, where he informed his colleagues about the development of the National system of qualifications and the creation of international professional standards for specialists - processors of fluoroplastics, UHMWPE, rubber and other polymer materials in the development of the Arctic and prospects for harmonization of legislation of Russia and Belarus in the field of national systems of qualification assessment. G.S.Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg, noted in his speech at the plenary session the successes of S.I.Tsybukov.

September 2017 - took part in the round table "Fofmation of the Eurasian-Arctic ecosystems" within the framework of the forum "Saint Petersburg – global city. Participation of high-tech enterprises of Saint Petersburg in the development of the Eurasian space, Russian-Belarusian cooperation and international projects ", included in the program of the X Saint Petersburg international innovation forum and the XXI International forum "Russian industrialist".

November 2017 - moderated the strategic session "Human resources model for knowledge-intensive industries. Opportunities for harmonization of national qualification systems in high-tech industries" within the framework of XV forum of small and medium enterprises of Saint Petersburg. The event considered the results of R&D "Development of composite polymer mixtures based on secondary polyethylene terephthalate, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyethylene and other materials, technical requirements for molding machine and mold design documentation for their processing into technical products with specified properties."

December 2017 - took part and made a presentation at the VI Congress of nanoindustry enterprises.

December 2017 - took part in the Third all-Russian forum "The national qualifications system of Russia", where he issued a report, "Independent qualification assessment of employees as a competitive advantage" at the key of session "National system of qualifications and independent qualifications assessment".

February 2018 - he was elected a member of the Board of APP SPb.


March 2018 - he was awarded letter of thanks of the Committee for nature use, environmental protection and ecological safety for the implementation of activities in Saint Petersburg in the Year of the Environment and the Year of specially protected natural territories.


April 2018 - signing of the tripartite agreement of Plant "KP", SPb AIE and North-Western international cleaner production centre UNIDO.


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